✪ Audio Player - 23 Dec 2018

Audio Player is a simply UI and samllest size audio player, the button is big. There is no complex play lists, buttons(maybe to simple). All you need to do is put it into a folder that contains audio files(like a music album folder), or put the audio file in to the folder it exists, it will load all audio files. If there is no audio files it will ask you which file to play.

You can play multiple files simultaneously. It can be a support audio player for any audio work. Use Space to Play/Pause, Use left and right key to backword and forward 5s, Use Esc to exit.

Free the internet.

✪ Screen Shot - 23 Dec 2018


✪ Download - 23 Dec 2018


✪ Update History - 2018

2018-12-23 06:04:49
V1.0, release

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